Tucson Student Industry, Technology & Career Workshop & Expo seeks support

September 10, 2009

By hammersmith

“Key To Employment For the 21st Century”
Student Industry, Technology and Career Workshop and Expo
January 28, 2010 – Tucson International Airport Main Terminal

The Metropolitan Education Commission is requesting your sponsorship for the 12th Annual Key To Employment for the 21st Century (Key2e) Industry, Technology and Career Workshop and Expo…

The Tucson International Airport is the ideal site for this premier event that will connect a 1000 Southern Arizona high school students and 100 teachers to technology and 21st Century industries in Arizona. As you know, education and workforce development are top priorities for Southern Arizona.

This event will help to increase the number of students motivated to pursue a course of study that will prepare them for college and rewarding science, technology, engineering and other 21st Century Careers. Here is what the “Explorers” will experience on this exciting “Career Exploration Journey”

… They will be engrossed in the dynamic industry based Exploratoriums (Workshops) and immerse themselves in the action taking place in the Industry, Technology and Career Expo. 

… They will see fascinating demonstrations and incredible technologies, discover great careers, gather lots of valuable resource materials, and explore options and directions to continue their education. 

… They will interact with some of Arizona’s amazing industry
professionals, engineers, educators, researchers, and even college students working at the cutting edge of science, technology and industry who will be demonstrating some of the latest and greatest technologies, sharing their personal experiences and engaging the students in exploring their industry, technologies, careers, educational requirements, salaries and more.

Here is how you can help … We are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of this event. We need funding for student and teacher lunches, web site development, equipment rental, marketing, insurance, printing, and other miscellaneous expenses. The Metropolitan Education Commission is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation will be tax deductible. We are also looking for exhibitors, presenters for the Exploratoriums, raffle prizes and super prizes, and more.

This important initiative is presented by the Metropolitan Education Commission (MEC) in cooperation with many business, government and education partners. See the web site for details.

* See the “Get Involved” web page on our Web Site www.metedu.org/key2e.
* Download our Sponsor Package from the “Get Involved” page
* Call or e-mail Steve Peters, our Project Coordinator, 520-321-1309 or mailto:stevepeters@tucsonlink.org
Thanks for your consideration of this request to support this important student event.

Dr. June Webb-Vignery, Executive Director, Metropolitan Education Commission