Tissue samples collect, store and analyze

December 18, 2008

By hammersmith

[Source: Luxemburger Wort (via Google Translate)] – (fh) – About 200 biobanks exist in Europe. The new Integrated biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL), which yesterday the press was presented, differs in two respects from other tissue banks: in addition to the collection and storage of biological samples (tissue, tumors, blood, urine, saliva …) leads the IBBL also analyzes and stores this addition is a national project, which represents an independent unit. The samples or data of research made available. The IBBL is part of the biotechnology project in the field of molecular medicine, the 140 million euros over five years will cost and also the creation of a Center for Systems Biology and the implementation of a cancer research project covers. The goal of the biotech project is among other things, one day, drugs and therapies targeted to be able to treat patients more efficiently and reduce costs. Founded as the IBBL by CRPs Sant