The Next 100 Years

November 11, 2010

By hammersmith

Flinn Scholars interested in public policy will want to read Arizona Government: The Next 100 YearWe talk a great deal about public policy in the Flinn Scholars Program, but how many of us understand how our state government really operates, and what led to some of its present practices? High-school civics class doesn’t begin to map this complex landscape.

To understand how public policy emerges from idea to practice in Arizona, you might try the briefing book for the 97th Arizona Town Hall, which concluded yesterday at the Grand Canyon. Reading Arizona Government: The Next 100 Years–also the title of the three-day Town Hall–will leave you a better-informed voter and more-fully engaged citizen as we approach our 2012 centennial.

In a chapter that begins on page 77, you’ll also discover some of the work for which alumna Kim Demarchi (’93) is well-known.