The Lab at azcentral to tell bioscience stories of Arizona 

February 7, 2022

By brianpowell

The Arizona Republic has launched a new podcast to enhance its storytelling of the biosciences in Arizona. 
The Lab at azcentral features host Alexandra Watts and bioscience reporter Melina Walling, who plan to share the stories of researchers and scientists, those outside the lab, and the people working to bring those worlds together, according to the introductory episode.  

The Lab at azcentral is airing new episodes and seeking suggestions for podcast subjects on this form

In 2019, the Flinn Foundation and The Arizona Republic began a grant-based partnership to enable Arizona’s largest media outlet to pursue a multimedia initiative to cover the biosciences in Arizona. The grant has funded in-depth reporting of print and online articles, virtual and augmented reality, and now, The Lab at azcentral. 

The Arizona Republic provides independent coverage of the state’s bioscience research, companies, clinical advances, and more. The Flinn Foundation has no role in editorial decisions made by The Republic. 

The Flinn Foundation is a major philanthropic funder of the biosciences in Arizona and administers Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, the long-term strategic plan to advance the state’s bioscience sector through 2025.