Tempe’s GenoSensor teams with German company to enter EU market

November 6, 2006

By hammersmith

Tempe-based bioscience company GenoSensor has joined with German life sciences company BioCat GmbH to launch its technology in Europe.

GenoSensor, which makes biochips that analyze a patient’s genetic makeup, hopes to see its annual revenue triple from the agreement. Such technologies are considered vital to the future of personalized medicine, and this partnership is expected to help introduce GenoSensor to the large life science and pharmaceutical research markets of the European Union.

“The USA and the EU are the top two markets in the world for genomics research,” said James Xia, president of GenoSensor, to the East Valley Tribune. “This will enable our products to get to EU researchers.”

GenoSensor has attracted an impressive list of customers both locally and nationally. Locally, this list includes the Translational Genomics Research Institute, Barrow Neurological Institute, Mayo Clinic, and the University of Arizona. National customers include researchers at Stanford, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Yale.

Dr. Adrienne Scheck, senior staff scientist for Barrow, told the Tribune that GenoSensor’s technology has long-term potential. “At the moment, it’s not ready for prime time, but at the rate this sort of thing is going, two years can make a big difference,” she said. “Looking for genes that are involved in diseases is a rapidly exploding field.”

For more information:

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