Support sought for innovative southern Arizona STEM teacher internship program

March 10, 2010

By hammersmith

Support sought for innovative southern Arizona STEM teacher internship program


SALC and Science Foundation Arizona need your support for one of the most innovative internship programs in the country. The University of Arizona heads up the program as a major initiative of Tucson Values Teachers (TVT) and the University of Arizona. The program features a master’s degree for middle or high school science or math teachers, and includes a 6 – 8 week paid summer internship in a local business.


The program, the only teacher internship program in the country linked with a Master’s degree, is made possible through a grant from Science Foundation Arizona, with the salaries paid by local businesses making up the required matching funds. Funding from Science Foundation Arizona cover 75% of each teacher’s tuition at the UA for the Master’s program.  Participating businesses include Raytheon, Texas Instruments, General Plasma, Beach Fleischman and Fort Huachuca.


The program launched last year and has proved of great benefit to both the teachers and businesses. Every participating business in 2009 reported great benefit from having a highly skilled professional in their workforce. In addition, the UA program works to incorporate these integrated skills into the curriculum. Every business from 2009 has returned in 2010 with high praise for the program, and for the individual teachers they employed last summer. Every business wanted “their teacher” back in 2010.


We have funding for eight additional slots in 2010, and we invite you to be part of this program. Each business pays the intern industry wages, which on average has totaled between $5000 and $10,000 for the 6 – 8 week session.  This year’s summer session will begin the last week of May and run through early August, depending on the schedule of each teacher’s school district. In addition, each business is provided at least two teacher resumes and the opportunity to interview the candidates.


Southern Arizona is leading the way with this innovative program, which is central to SALC’s educational focus. For additional information on how you can benefit from a highly qualified K-12 teacher this summer, contact TVT’s Executive Director, Jacquelyn Jackson, at 520-327-7619 or at