Still more challenges for clean-tech startups

October 6, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: The Aizona Daily Sun] – It’s good to know that Flagstaff is being recognized for “incubating” start-up companies in clean energy.

Now the challenge is to take that recognition to the bank — literally.

The Northern Arizona Center for Emerging Technologies, headquartered in a new building atop McMillan Mesa next to the USGS complex, is the foundation on which the strategy is built. It offers subsidized office and lab space to a half-dozen start-ups, along with financial and technical support to a half-dozen more off- site. An annual budget of more than $350,000, most of it provided by the city of Flagstaff, pays for a director and the program’s operating expenses.

An incubator alone, however, isn’t all that unusual — dozens of cities across the country have them.

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