Roadmap luncheons to highlight Arizona’s bioscience growth and entrepreneurship

March 31, 2015

By Matt Ellsworth

Arizona Bioscience Roadmap logoThe Flinn Foundation is hosting three Bioscience Roadmap luncheons this week to highlight the growth of Arizona’s bioscience sector over the past year, with a special focus on progress in bioscience entrepreneurship and economic development.

2014 Progress of the Biosciences in Arizona,” a new publication that features the major developments of the past year, will be released at the luncheons around the state.

“These luncheons will showcase the impressive entrepreneurial spirit and momentum taking place throughout Arizona as we hear directly from the entrepreneurs who are leading the way and those working alongside them to help boost their startup ventures into flourishing bioscience companies,” said Jack B. Jewett, President and CEO of the Flinn Foundation.

The entrepreneurship theme aligns with the first goal of Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, which was updated a year ago—to form a hub of bioscience entrepreneurs and new enterprises across Arizona.

The luncheons continue a tradition that originated during the first decade of Arizona’s Bioscience Roadmap, which was commissioned by the Flinn Foundation in 2002 and updated in 2014 to guide the state through 2025.

In the second decade of the Roadmap, bioscience metrics in subjects such as jobs, wages, firms, and federal grant funding are being compiled and reported publicly every other year instead of annually.  As a result, updated metrics will not be released this year, but will be announced at the 2016 luncheons.