Raytheon touts math, science

June 3, 2007

By hammersmith

[Source: Carol Peck, Guest columnist, Arizona Republic] — When you think of the Raytheon Co. in Tucson, you automatically think of an industry leader in defense and space technologies. However, thanks to their incredible partnership with Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, you can add to the list making a significant difference in the lives of students. Raytheon and Sunnyside are doing their best to ensure that students choose mathematics and science as future careers. “Our partnership with Sunnyside is focusing on real-world applications of math and science,” said Rosemary Badian, Raytheon’s volunteer coordinator. “The programs expose kids to different careers and show students if you study math, you can grow up to be successful.”

With MathMovesU, students are discovering that math can take you to “cool” places. Celebrity spokespeople like U.S. soccer star Mia Hamm inspire students to study math by engaging kids online, at school and in their communities and talking to them on their terms. “Innovative programs are helping students to discover that math is a part of so many aspects of everyday life,” Sunnyside Superintendent Ra