Project Sage Special Report: A Sustainable Campus

November 23, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: UA News] – Ray Leblanc, a senior stationary engineer for the University of Arizona’s Facilities Management, studied an array of computer screens that would make an international bond trader envious.

The cluster of data, tucked into a quiet control room with a view of six deafening water chillers, represented the far-flung network of water and ice-making chillers, boilers, cooling towers, turbines, pumps and tunnels that power, light, heat and cool the 13 million square feet of building space on the main campus and the Arizona Health Sciences Center.  

In labs across the 355-acre campus, in some of the 180 UA buildings, research continued into novel ways to generate sustainable energy, arrest climate change or conserve vast amounts of water. LeBlanc’s seven computer screens and all the machinery they controlled, ensured that the work went on.

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