Peptide library synthesizer

March 22, 2010

By hammersmith

[Source: Drug Discovery and Development] – Protein Technologies, Inc. has launched its newest peptide synthesizer, the OVERTURE Robotic Peptide Library Synthesizer.  The OVERTURE was designed to incorporate many unique features that have never before been seen on other units in the peptide library synthesizer market.

The OVERTURE can run syntheses from 0.005 to 24 mmol scales.  It features 6 reaction blocks capable of holding 96 (10 mL) or 24 (40 or 45 mL) reaction vessels, 49 amino acid positions, 6 solvent bottle positions, variable-speed vortex mixing, automatic robotic arm calibration, and a full-color chemical-resistant touchscreen.  Amino acid deliveries are performed from individual dispensers, which do not require rinsing in between deliveries, saving the user money and time.  These dispensers are capable of infinitely variable delivery volumes accurate to 50 ?L.  The OVERTURE’s flexible, easy-to-use software features easy sequence importing, automatic sequence placement, automatic library generation, automated cleaning routines and report and log file generation.

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