Megan McGinnity rules another news cycle

February 14, 2008

By hammersmith

Megan McGinnity (’03), named a Marshall Scholar in November, keeps racking up the honors. She’s just been announced as one of 20 members of USA Today‘s 2008 All-USA College Academic First Team. Here’s the paper’s pithy statement:

For Megan McGinnity, 22, a senior at Arizona State University, the beginnings of her life’s work took root in the summer of 2004, when she volunteered in an orphanage in Romania as part of a freshman program. That experience eventually took her to Africa, Asia, Central America and beyond to study and stem human trafficking. Her next step is the University of London, where she’ll build on projects she started with the Arab Institute for Immigration Studies in Cairo last summer.

If you want more of a fix, you can check out the somewhat more expansive story on the ASU News site.