Meeting the challenges of the new Arizona

January 11, 2011

By The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership

The latest annual report of the Flinn Foundation, featuring foundation highlights from 2009 and a 2010-11 outlook, is titled “The Big Picture.” The report features an essay by Flinn Foundation President and CEO Jack Jewett, reflecting on how Arizona can move forward in a new era of complex challenges on many fronts.

Several of Jewett’s observations hold particular relevance for individuals and organizations working to strengthen civic leadership in Arizona. He writes:

Arizona will face stark constraints as it emerges from the Great Recession, but within these limits resides a unique chance to make a Great Restart. This is Arizona’s chance to decide what kind of state it will be as its centennial arrives in 2012.

Describing the creation of the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, he continues:

This new leadership initiative will succeed to the extent that it can partner with other existing Arizona leadership organizations in their work, unite our efforts to improve our state as a whole, and foster effective dialogue with the public and current civic leaders.

You can read the full essay, “The Big Picture: Meeting the Challenges of the New Arizona,” on the Flinn Foundation’s website.