Licenses in hand, UA spinout Luceome biotechnologies seeks customers for kinase-screening tech

April 15, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: Genomeweb News] – Recent University of Arizona spinout Luceome Biotechnologies is hoping to tap into federal Small Business Innovation Research funding to help it build out its kinase-screening technology for drug discovery, the husband-wife co-founders and owners of the company said this week.

Luceome is hoping that expanding its currently available panel of kinases to include all of the most commonly investigated molecules will help it land its first screening contract or potential licensee within a year.

If not, the startup, which has thus far been solely internally funded, will likely need to go beyond the SBIR mechanism to seek private financing, its founders said.

Luceome is based on research conducted by Indraneel Ghosh, chair and associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry in the UA College of Science. Its technology platform is based on luciferase fragment complementation, which uses split luciferase enzymes to detect molecular interactions.

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