Leading IAQ public relations agency Eepands into the DNA Ttsting arena

January 28, 2010

By hammersmith

[Source: WebWire] – Cochrane & Associates announces that they have been retained by Arizona Mobile DNA Services, LLC., to provide public relations and marketing expertise.

The environmental testing and indoor air quality industries have been utilizing DNA testing technology for a number of years to determine if dangerous pathogens are present in environmental samples. Just as the use of DNA has become mainstream in some environmental markets, the utilization of its incredible power has also become commonplace for medical testing purposes.

As DNA testing technology has become more affordable and increased in accuracy its uses are no longer limited to environmental, forensic and CSI-type situations. In fact, one of the most commonly performed DNA tests in the country is the paternity test. Some studies have even suggested that up to 30% of tested men in the United States are excluded as the biological father as the result of paternity tests.

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