IAmBiotech asks how do we cultivate next generation of bio innovators

October 27, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: IAmBiotech] — As you know, biotechnology plays a critical role in developing solutions to so many of the problems we face.  From world hunger to epidemics to global warming, innovators in the biotech industry are making huge strides.

But what will happen with the next cure, the next crop or the next biofuel breakthrough if we aren’t educating the biotech professionals of tomorrow?

We posed that question last week in a discussion about biotech education hosted by IAmBiotech and the Biotechnology Institute.

Our guests were Paul Hanle, President of the Biotechnology Institute, and Ericka Senegar-Mitchell, an award-winning science teacher.

We asked them how well schools across the US are cultivating the next generation of biotech innovators and what can be done to improve science education both at the classroom level and through public policy.