I left my heart at Haas

October 26, 2007

By hammersmith

We just discovered that the UC Berkeley Business School has its own cafe operated by Jimmy Beans, one of our all-time-favorite spots for breakfast. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. And that coffee…

So, we get it when Ian Larkin (’91) acknowledges missing life in the Bay Area–the incredible food, the spectacular diversity of the natural environment, the glory of never-ending construction on the Bay Bridge, which, when the Big One hits, is sure to tip over anyway and squash a lost family of grey whales.

With that said, it sounds like Ian is doing well in the endeavors that are following his stint in school at Haas and as an associate and engagement manager in the Hong Kong and Silicon Valley offices of McKinsey and Company.

With that Ph.D. in his pocket, he has joined the faculty of Harvard Business School, where he’s teaching first-year MBA students and researching practices in employee compensation and performance evaluation. Between that, learning to drive in a city with a paucity of street signs, and figuring out how to wade through Boston’s cultural vibrancy, he barely has time to fly to Tucson to speak at hamburger conventions.

[Urgent schadenfreude update: Ian says the Haas cafe has a new operator and is now crummy. Which makes us feel better. Which, in turn, doesn’t reflect well on our character.]