How to succeed in business without really trying

January 23, 2009

By hammersmith

You aren’t going to find anything about Dan Tuttle (’02) in a post with that title.

Let’s try again:

How to succeed in business by serving your community

That’s more like it.

Dan TuttleDan just got some good news–he’s been accepted to Stanford’s business school, his top choice. We’re guessing he was one of their top choices, too.

In October, he was recognized as one of Tucson’s “40 under 40” up-and-coming business leaders by the Tucson Citizen. (Shaun Kirkpatrick (’87) was a finalist for the award.)

They asked him to name his top professional accomplishment to date. No, nothing to do with share prices, profits, or guns turned into butter: He was instrumental in changing national HIV/AIDS testing policy in the Solomon Islands.

Dan’s nominator for the award, Terry Babcock-Lumish, president of Islay Consulting, filled out the picture:

“This Flinn, Boren and Truman Scholar is no stranger to accolades or superlatives. However, he most certainly does not rest on laurels or wear ego on his sleeve. Whether working in villages in Arusha or Munda, studying in Chengdu, participating in a prestigious international exchange for Truman Scholars in the Emirates, or volunteering in Tucson, K.C. or D.C., Dan continually challenges himself, tackles new tasks and learns both from and with new organizations, languages and communities.”

Photo courtesy of Tucson Citizen