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How to recommend students for the Flinn Scholarship

August 20, 2018

By Chris Farrington

Check all your email folders. You are receiving this email because a student has requested a recommendation from you in our system. If you have not received an email with instructions on how to complete the recommendation, please contact us for help: flinnscholars@flinn.org

Read and follow the recommendation instructions. As you may know, you will not need to prepare a letter of recommendation for this application. Instead, we ask that you complete brief responses to a few questions.

There are two deadlines. Teacher/counselor recommendations are due a few days earlier than Flinn Scholarship applications.

In your recommendation, use specific examples. We receive hundreds of applications a year. What sets your student apart? That’s what we want to learn from your recommendation.

Understand what you don’t need to tell us. Applicants already provide extracurricular activities, honors and awards, and employment. The best recommendations include information about the student we haven’t already learned from reviewing the application itself.

Read our FAQ page. Our website has even more tips and answers to commonly asked questions.

Save an electronic copy of your response. We encourage you to save your response somewhere outside of our application system, in the event of a technology or transmittal failure.

Save and Continue. You may have noticed that there is no ‘Submit’ button. You can continue to make edits on your recommendation until your student submits their application; just make sure as you do that you are clicking on ‘Save and Continue’.

Contact us! Do you have other questions or concerns? We can be reached at 602-744-6802 or  flinnscholars@flinn.org.

Thank you for supporting your student’s Flinn Scholarship application!

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