Hospitals step up ValiMed orders from Tucson-based CDEX

August 26, 2009

By hammersmith

[Source: Market Watch] – CDEX Inc.  announces the signing of two multi-unit contracts for the placement of four new ValiMed Units in U.S. hospitals. One of the contracts was for the direct purchase of two units and one contract was a two unit Pay-Per-Use pricing plan that CDEX recently implemented to allow more hospitals to afford this life saving medication safety technology. ValiMed is used to validate “The Right Drug at The Right Dose” when high-risk liquid medications are compounded in a pharmacy setting and also as a verification program to reduce the diversion of return narcotics in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

“The signing of our first Pay-Per-Use Agreement for multiple units marks the beginning of a new era that puts ValiMed in reach of every hospital no matter size or specialty,” said Greg Firmbach, Senior Vice President of CDEX. “Pay-Per-Use pricing is an all inclusive turnkey approach to placing this life-saving technology with equipment, supplies and service all for $2.50 per test or less from the hospitals operating (not capital) budgets. We have brought in another sales consultant to accommodate the growing interest and enthusiasm in the marketplace for this innovative pricing model.”

For more information: Hospitals Order Multiple ValiMed Units to Enhance Patient Safety and Reduce Narcotic Diversion; CDEX Signs Its First Pay-Per-Use Agreement