Flinn Scholars

Hey professor, why’d I get a B?

February 14, 2008

By Flinn Foundation

Hey, we’ve been there… standing in front of the professor’s closed office door, hearing Philip Glass’s “Orphee Suite” playing on the other side, wondering whether to knock–even though it’s definitely during office hours–and wondering whether our complaint about a D- on a quiz will make said professor hate us forever…

But of course there’s another side to the story… Said professor, sitting at a desk, trying to catch up on journal reading during this too-too-brief respite before another class, wondering if students think listening to Philip Glass is pretentious or too strange, wondering if that’s why nobody ever shows up for office hours and if maybe a little Joss Stone with the bass turned up would be a step toward “connecting”…

O ye denizens of the university. Standing at this idyllic crossroads of the collegiate life are of course a whole bunch of our Flinn peeps–the current Scholars, obviously, but a whole gaggle of professorial types, too, including two of our esteemed UA grads, both now instructors at ASU: Mark Rivera (’96) and Eric Kennedy (’97). After a stint teaching in Europe, Mark has been back in Tempe as a faculty associate teaching Latin, and just wrapped up an internship at the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing. Eric is teaching mathematics, mainly calculus and a wee bit o’ online first-year math.