Governor’s budget for civics (and, yes, math and science)

January 16, 2007

By hammersmith

While one might think that a state governor’s annual budget is something only to be discussed in a civics classroom, teachers of math and science may be surprised to find tidbits of interest to them and their students. Through various initiatives, increased funding for math/science is being proposed by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano in her 2007-08 budget proposal; for example:

  1. Science Foundation Arizona, $35 million, promote science, math, and innovation in Arizona.
  2. University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix, $6 million, expand enrollment and graduate more doctors.
  3. Northern Arizona University, $4 million, expand health professions programs in Flagstaff and state.
  4. Arizona State University, $2 million, expand teaching capacity of Biomedical Informatics.
  5. University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, $1.5 million, start four-year doctoral program.
  6. University of Arizona telemedicine program, $1 million, telemedicine program at downtown medical school.
  7. ASU/University of Arizona, $10.5 million, planning Arizona Biomedical Collaborative-2 and education buildings downtown.

All the details of the Governor’s recommendations are here: