Foundations and University Hospitals partner to further research of advanced breast cancer

January 15, 2010

By hammersmith

[Source: PR Web] – The Marilyn B. Gula Mountains of Hope Foundation made a $50,000 donation to University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center. This contribution, as well as all future proceeds, will be used solely to fund clinical research and treatment options for metastatic breast cancer by University Hospitals (UH) Ireland Cancer Center physicians, researchers and care providers.

In addition, future Cleveland fundraising activities for the Mountains of Hope Foundation will be in partnership with the UH Ireland Cancer Center’s “Miracle Fund,” which shares the mission of focusing on new clinical trials and therapies aimed at treating advanced breast cancer and extending lives.

“We’re pleased to join forces with University Hospitals and the Miracle Fund in the fight against advanced breast cancer and look forward to a long relationship,” said Allen J. Gula, chairman of the Mountains of Hope Foundation. “With a team of the nation’s leading oncologists and breast cancer specialists, we’re confident that significant inroads in understanding the causes and treatment of metastatic breast cancer will continue to evolve.”

For more information: The Marilyn B. Gula Mountains of Hope Foundation and University Hospitals Ireland Cancer Center Partner to Further Research of Advanced Breast Cancer