Arizona Bioindustry Association

City: Phoenix

Amount: $205500

Award Date: 2019

Duration: 12 months

Program Area: Bioscience

Partnership with six 2019 awardees of funding and program services through the Flinn Foundation Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program:

AdviNow Medical

AdviNow Medical integrates artificial intelligence and augmented reality into a medical encounter with a patient, revolutionizing patient-provider interaction. The clinical visit is completely automated as the AI interacts with patients to collect symptoms, take vitals, and deliver a complete patient workup with a breakdown of predicted illnesses and treatment options. The technology is currently in use at select Safeway stores.

CATS Tonometer

CATS Tonometer has developed the FDA-approved Correcting Applanation Tonometer Surface prism, which studies show significantly improves intraocular-eye-pressure measurement data—a key metric in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and other conditions. The CATS solution is implemented by simply changing out the existing prism and does not require any changes in clinician measurement technique.

Desert Valley Tech 

Desert Valley Tech is the creator of the HemaPorter, a cold-chain custody and storage solution for blood products, organs, pharmaceuticals and vaccines that provides medical personnel greater access to critical tools in war zones, remote locations, and disaster areas. The rechargeable, dockable container provides real-time monitoring and can be transported by drones.

Emagine Solutions Technology

Emagine Solutions Technology is a mobile health-care company and developer of VistaScan, a software platform that transforms a mobile phone or tablet into a powerful, high-quality ultrasound device. The company’s mission is to provide affordable, quality ultrasound to clinicians in low-resource settings to improve health outcomes around the world.


NANOPEC offers scalable solutions to businesses by helping to make pharmaceuticals safer. The company manufactures MetaPurex nano-filtration solutions for high-precision purification of pharmaceuticals, avoiding both harm to patients and product recalls. MetaPurex pores are nano-size, highly ordered, free of defects, and able to filter out all bacteria, including mycoplasma and most common viruses.


Ordinatrix’s mission is to be the leader in translational proteomics and offer researchers a disruptive tool for the analysis of protein function. The company’s ActiveArrays can place a human protein microarray on a small slide for the research and development of new drugs, biomarkers, and other precision-medicine tools.