Flinn-Brown Fellow Ryan Gregg offers cybersecurity services to public and private sectors

January 31, 2023

By Jessica Vaile

Fellows Spotlight

Flinn-Brown Fellow Ryan Gregg

Ryan Gregg
(Scottsdale, 2015)

Gregg Global Group

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1. Can you please describe your work and how public policy impacts how you manage your organization?

Gregg Global Group is a global advisory company that serves both the public and private sector. We integrate the most effective and efficient combination of people, process and technology to mitigate risk in conducting business domestically and abroad. Our areas of expertise include proactive and incident related cybersecurity services, regulatory compliance, and a comprehensive suite of solutions surrounding litigation and regulatory investigation related discovery and data analytics. Our client approach is proactive because the best option is always to avoid an adverse event. However, in the case of such an event we are adept at minimizing the diverse types of damage related to such an event and soundly guide our clients through that process. 

There are many challenges that we are facing in the world, our country, state, and communities today. One of those is the vulnerabilities that come with such advances in technology and the exploitation by mal actors, organized crime, terrorist organizations and state actors. The consequences of a breach are expensive and can result in devastating and even catastrophic damage on multiple fronts. Based on exposure and experience in the context of my work, I know it is of the utmost importance that we continue to work together to shape and form public policy that promotes innovation and creates regulations with standards and controls to address the myriad of critical vulnerabilities relative to each sector and industry while holding mal actors of all types accountable. I am committed to that endeavor and honored to be a Fellow among such a talented and diverse group that share the value of working together to serve the public.

2. Do you have a favorite quote that is meaningful to you?

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves” by Lao Tzu. Benjamin Franklin shared many of the same views regarding leadership and influence.

3. Is there a book you would recommend to the Fellows?

Cybersecurity: Public Sector Threats and Responses by Kim J Andreasson. This book is a good reference for guidance regarding cybersecurity and public policy. It’s an easy primer on how globalization, connectivity, and the migration of public sector functions online have led to challenges you need to be aware of as a leader of an organization.

4. How has the Fellows Network been useful to you?

Attending the Academy as part of the eighth cohort of Fellows, the additional learning events I have attended, and the network of Fellows has been quite an asset to me in my professional growth. This honor has provided a deep understanding of our state’s history and challenges along with access to a network of esteemed leaders, with deep knowledge in their areas of expertise, as resources to keep me on top of current challenges we face as a state. I continue to be amazed by the talent, depth of knowledge and quality of each Fellow I meet. There are so many opportunities to get involved and I look forward to doing and giving more.