Drug may help cancer survivors

September 10, 2008

By hammersmith

[Source: Arizona Republic] – A drug trial aims to help cancer survivors feel stronger, no matter the type of cancer.

More than 65 percent of cancer patients survive at least five years after diagnosis.

That success has generated a new focus:improving life for cancer survivors.

The Scottsdale drug study by TGen Clinical Research Services at Scottsdale Healthcare takes the issue to the bedside.

Scientists led by Dr. Daniel Von Hoff are testing a drug developed by Eli Lily and Co. that may help cancer patients get their muscle strength back.

The new drug is believed to stop muscle deterioration by blocking a body protein called myostatin that naturally diminishes muscle growth.

“This is a treatment for people who have already been treated for advanced cancer,” said study coordinator Joyce Ingold, who is enrolling study participants.

People interested in participating may contact her at 480-323-1339 or jingold@shc.org.