“Doctoring DNA” is topic of Sept. 9th 8th grade teacher workshop

August 29, 2006

By hammersmith

Teacher training workshops for middle- and high-school science teachers consist of a full-day workshop on applying the biosciences. Each workshop, held at the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix, covers a set of lesson plans and background information that you can use to bring real life applications of bioscience to students. The third of three summer workshops is “Doctoring DNA” for 8th grade teachers on September 9, 2006.

Details: How will bioscience revolutionize heath care? This curriculum includes hands-on labs to extract DNA from plants, and genetically modify bacteria. Then your students will apply their knowledge to design, produce, and market a cancer-curing medicine.

To register call, 602-716-2028. For more information, call 602-716-2000, ext. 2564.