Decisions, Decisions

November 9, 2007

By hammersmith

Back in the day, a Dane was having trouble making up his mind. And one thing led to another, and then everybody except Horatio and a rambunctious Norwegian ended up cold and sprawled out on the stage.

If our Dane only knew Sean Warnick (’87), maybe all that mousetrap play-within-a-play business could have been avoided. Our man in Provo is mostly in charge of the Information and Decision Algorithms Laboratories (IDeA Labs), an interdisciplinary gang of computer scientists who work on discovering the “fundamental relationships between information, uncertainty, and complexity that govern the transformation of data into useful decisions.”

With some peeps at the Control Systems Group at Cambridge, Sean has been focusing on identifying the network structure of complex systems, particularly as applied to microbiology. He says it’s a ton of fun.