Meeting Information

The Conference Center is closed through 2023 for renovation.

Please take a few moments to review the following information when planning your meeting at the Flinn Foundation Educational Conference Center. Each item expands to provide additional information.

You will also find all of the available meeting room configurations further down on this page.

You can help the Conference Center staff ensure your meeting room is ready for you by contacting Karey Miles by email at if…

  • You have any questions or changes prior to your scheduled meeting;
  • You need to confirm your audio/visual needs in advance of your scheduled meeting;
  • You need to reschedule or cancel your meeting.

Thank you for helping us ensure you have a great experience while using the Flinn Foundation Educational Conference Center.

  • Appropriate Uses

    Typical uses of the meeting facilities include strategic planning and training retreats for board and staff, goal-setting conferences, communications workshops, and joint planning or collaborative efforts among tax-exempt organizations. The facilities may also provide a neutral meeting venue for nonpartisan discussion and presentation of policymaking options. The facilities have been used for lectures, panel or small group presentations, and classroom-style educational workshops.

    Inappropriate uses:
    • Fundraising events or events at which an admission fee is charged at the door, or where products are sold or auctioned;
    • Sessions designed to promote a partisan purpose or specific pending legislative or ballot action;
    • Public meetings in which the public is invited to attend without prior notification/RSVP to the hosting organization;
    • Regularly scheduled meetings of an organization’s board or committees; and
    • Private or family events such as weddings and anniversaries.
  • No Smoking
    The Flinn Foundation Educational Conference Center is a non-smoking property. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building, on the patio, or near any of the building entrances. Guests wishing to smoke must go out to Central Avenue or 1st Avenue. Please remind your meeting participants of this prior to the start of your meeting.
  • Building Entry
    Meetings must be scheduled to begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Please inform all meeting facilitators that entry into the building for set-up is not available before 8:00 a.m. Also, the building’s west lobby doors remain locked at all times. Please advise your meeting participants to use only the main (south) lobby doors when entering and exiting the building.
  • Parking
    Please instruct all meeting attendees to park only in non-reserved areas in the front parking lot. Carpooling is strongly encouraged since on-site parking is limited to approximately 40 spaces, which are shared by attendees in both conference rooms. Overflow parking may be available for a fee through the parking garage located directly north of the Conference Center building. Parking garage fees will be the responsibility of meeting participants. The Conference Center does not validate parking.
  • Food Service
    All food and expanded beverage service must be secured and paid by the sponsoring organization through a Conference Center-approved catering firm. Organizations may not supply their own food or beverages. The meeting facilitator or other sponsoring organization representative must be on site to meet the caterer when they arrive. Microwaves and refrigerators are not available for use by Conference Center guests. Beverages containing alcohol are not permitted for use by outside organizations. This includes nonalcoholic beer and wine that contains a very low percentage (.05%) of alcohol.
  • Audiovisual Equipment
    An array of Conference Center audiovisual equipment is available for use by reservation only and can be requested on the Request a Room form. The meeting facilitator or other sponsoring organization representative must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting start time. The Conference Center staff will show them how to correctly operate any requested audiovisual equipment.
  • Conference Room Considerations
    • Please do not tack, pin or nail anything to the wall surfaces. Conference Center staff will be happy to provide masking tape upon request. Flipcharts are also available by reservation and contain sticky-backed chart paper.
    • Please do not move or rearrange furniture. Your meeting room will be set according to the meeting organizer’s instructions. If the room set up needs to be changed, please contact a Conference Center staff member or the front desk.
  • Lobby Areas

    Because the Conference Center’s building is primarily used for routine Flinn Foundation office business, please pay special consideration to the following:

    • Please be considerate and minimize gatherings and cellphone use in the lobby areas.
      *We ask that Conference Center guests keep all food and beverages in their meeting room and not use the lobby areas for food breaks or to hold group meetings.
    • We also ask that guests please not move or rearrange lobby or patio furniture.
    • Please keep meeting room doors closed during meeting times. This will facilitate a more consistent room temperature, as well as provide a barrier for sound.
  • Media and Promotional Material

    Any promotional meeting materials, including news releases and media advisories, must be shared with the Foundation prior to being issued. The Foundation reserves the right to edit materials defining the Foundation, its programs, and meeting facilities. Signage pertaining to the meeting will be posted by the Foundation on an interior kiosk. The use of exterior billboards, balloons or other devices to attract attendance is not permitted.Organizations aiming to conduct a press conference within Flinn facilities must request approval during the scheduling process. If an organization anticipates live-remote coverage by the media, advance notice must be given to the Foundation so that proper preparations may be arranged. The Foundation staff is generally not available for media interviews during an event unless prearranged.

  • Miscellaneous Reminders
    • Remember to bring all items you will need for your meeting (i.e. nametags, copies of any handouts, notepads, pencils, pens, etc.), as copying, fax services, and office supplies are not available onsite.
    • The Conference Center’s meeting rooms are used regularly by many different nonprofit organizations. Please respect the times approved for your meeting room use and ensure that all meeting participants vacate the premises at the scheduled end time.
    • Please make sure all trash is thrown away, and that audiovisual equipment and supplies are returned in working order when your meeting ends.
    • Please contact the front desk with any needs or questions you may have during your meeting.
Terrace Room Config
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