Classroom superheroes (Arizona Republic editorial)

February 6, 2007

By hammersmith

[Source: Arizona Republic] — Superheroes, such as Spider-Man, rescue people in the movies. But they don’t exist in real life. Superteachers rescue failing students in movies like the recently released Freedom Writers. And they do exist. The problem in real life is to find those teachers – and spread their skills.

Fortunately, Arizona has a program that aims to do just that: the Rodel Exemplary Teacher Initiative. The project, which is in its fourth year, identifies outstanding teachers who work in high-poverty schools. Places where it helps to have a bit of superpower to help kids overcome the many obstacles to their success.

This year’s nine winning teachers, who are being honored at a banquet tonight in Phoenix, will each receive a $10,000 savings bond. But there’s a big string attached: Each teacher will then work with six student teachers who are committed to working in low-income schools. It’s a chance to learn from the very best. [Note: To read the full article, click here.]