Youth Civic Leadership Programs

Youth civic leadership is critical in influencing decisions that affect our communities, our state, and our country.

When young people participate in civic life by enhancing their knowledge about issues—through civic education, active engagement, and leadership opportunities—they also play an active role in shaping their own futures. Youth leadership leads to increased academic performance and builds professional skills and networks into the workforce.

Our programs are built on the following principles:

Civic Duty—Gain skills and knowledge about all levels of governance and policymaking in preparation to participate meaningfully in civic life and democracy.
Civic Engagement—Learn about one’s role in society and understand the value of connection and collaboration across different perspectives and viewpoints.

Civic Discourse—Model best practices on how to engage in political, economic and social conversations.

Civic Leadership—Inspire youth to become agents of positive change and make a difference in their communities through volunteerism, public service, and political activism.

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