Arizona Civic Health Steering Committee Meetings

The Arizona Civic Health Steering Committee is convened by the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership and the Center for the Future of Arizona to help shape a vision, mission, objectives, and set of strategies to strengthen civic life in Arizona. The Steering Committee members meet regularly to engage in this work, including ways to activate the Civic Health Progress Meters. Below is a synopsis of the previous meetings:

June 17 – The Arizona Civic Health Steering Committee worked together to:

  • Review and refine vision, mission, and objectives;
  • Discuss engagement plan, strategies, and activities to advance the Committee’s collective mission/vision;
  • Discuss ideas for the Stronger Democracy Award submission; and
  • Share relevant updates, upcoming events, and resources.
  • Agenda

May 21 – The Arizona Civic Health Steering Committee focused on:

  • Developing a working mission and vision statement to guide the CHSC work;
  • Developing key outcomes for the CHSC;
  • Reviewing and refining objectives for the next year;
  • Exploring ideas for a Stronger Democracy Award application; and
  • Sharing relevant updates and upcoming events and resources.
  • Agenda

April 16 – The Arizona Civic Health Steering Committee focused on:

  • Mapping out priorities for civic life in Arizona;
  • Identifying organizational alignment and gaps relative to the civic- engagement spectrum;
  • Discussing potential areas of focus and expanded partnerships; and
  • Clarifying the need for a shared vision, objectives, and measurable outcomes.
  • Agenda

March 5 – The Arizona Civic Health Steering Committee’s (CHSC) inaugural meeting focused on:

  • Exploring the data: The data we explored together in the Civic Health Progress Meters sparked dialogue and provides a foundation for action.
  • Developing shared meaning: We discussed the need to work together as a group and with our partners and communities to developed shared meaning, language, and definitions when we talk about civic life.
  • Build community and collaboration: The group identified a strong desire for collaboration & deepened connection. Areas of shared focus emerged including a focus on youth engagement, collective decision-making, and focus on K-12 and higher education civics education.
  • Agenda

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