CivEx Live


Registration for 2020 CivEx Live will begin in early December. Four half-day sessions will be held in January and February.

Civic participation and leadership are perennial topics for good reasons. The quality of civic leadership affects everyone, and anyone can become a civic leader.

Arizona Civic Exchange—CivEx—is a unique experience designed for Arizonans who want to be more involved in civic life.

CivEx Live offers in-person, nonpartisan, interactive events for businesspeople, candidates, public officials, and other Arizona residents to learn about and discuss current issues.


Presenters at CivEx Live include consultants, scholars, and practitioners from a variety of perspectives who are experienced analysts and keen observers of politics. The events are designed to include significant discussion among participants.

CivEx Live’s ideal participants are individuals from any perspective and experience who want to deepen their commitment to public service, grapple with complex problems, and explore different viewpoints.

2020 Schedule (Four half-day sessions)

  • Session 1 | Thursday, January 23
  • Session 2 | Thursday, January 30
  • Session 3 | Thursday, February 6
  • Session 4 | Thursday, February 13

Sample Agenda (from 2018)

  • Session 1 | Money, Economics, and Public Spending:
    The Basics and More about Public Revenues, Expenditures, How We Feel About Them and Why
  • Session 2 | Corrections, Policing, and Communities:
    Balance, Headlines, Questions, and Today’s Answers
  • Session 3 | Achieve60AZ:
    What You Should Know about Educational Success for Arizona
  • Session 4 | A Healthy Arizona:
    Definitions, Motivations, and Moving the Needle


Registration for the 2020 CivEx Live events will begin in early December. The four half-day sessions will be presented in January and February. There is no charge to participate. Sign up to receive emails to stay updated about the opening of the registration period.