Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc announces the development of a revolutionary software analysis tool

April 21, 2010

By hammersmith

[Source: WebWire] – Forensic Laboratory enhances the value of suspect to evidence comparison in Y-STR mixtures

Testing the Y chromosome has proven extremely valuable in the forensic sciences particularly in cases where separating male from female DNA contributors can provide clarity which may include or exclude the alleged perpetrator of a crime.

However, when there are DNA mixtures of multiple male donors, there is no method to ascribe a statistical significance. This limitation has opened up Pandora’s Box with regard to treatment and statistical significance of these types of samples. Estimates of inclusion of a suspect used in court are often inaccurate and at times severely overstated. Such inaccuracies may lead to false arrests, imprisonments, or worse.

For more information: Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc Announces the Development of a Revolutionary Software Analysis Tool for Evaluating Forensic Evidence Containing DNA from Multiple Male Contributors