BIO5 a partner in online science/math grant

January 9, 2008

By hammersmith

[Source: BIO5 Institute] — BIO5 is a partner on a new $250,000 Improving Teacher Quality grant from the Arizona Board of Regents. The grant capitalizes on The University of Arizona’s telemedicine program and delivers content-rich online courses in science and math. It is supported by teleconferencing in order to increase the number of highly qualified science and math teachers in Sunnyside Unified School District (SUSD).

IMPAQT (Improving Academic Quality for Teachers) partners SUSD with the university’s Office of Outreach and Multicultural Affairs, BIO5, College of Education and College of Science. IMPAQT is a pilot project that can be replicated throughout the state in order to reach teachers in more rural areas. The primary investigator is BIO5 member Ana Maria Lopez, MD, Associate Dean, Outreach and Multicultural Affairs. Other senior personnel include: Stacey Forsyth, PhD (BIO5), Lisa Elfring, PhD (AZ-START program, College of Science), Debra Tomanek, PhD (Science Teacher Preparation Program, College of Science), and Bruce Johnson, PhD (Teaching and Teacher Preparation, College of Education).