ASU announces 2008 summer research experience for teachers and students

December 13, 2007

By hammersmith

[Source: ASU News] — The Biodesign Institute at ASU plans to offer a six-week summer program pairing 25 high school teachers and students from schools with existing and emerging bioscience & biotechnology programs with Biodesign Institute researchers willing to mentor both in a laboratory science experience. The teacher would, in turn, assist with mentoring a student in the Biodesign summer internship program during the same timeframe, allowing them to explore the best methods of translating what they learn into effective teaching that can be brought back into their classrooms. The current vision is that student interns would be selected from the teacher’s school/program, would bond with the teacher as a co-investigator, and if desired, could serve as a teaching assistant during the following academic year.

The experience will include scheduled time for teachers to work with one another to develop ideas for effective teaching methods and to determine what types of hands-on research activities can be translated into their curriculum to enrich the learning experience for their students. ASU