ASSET and unitedstreaming offer innovative approach to creating quizzes and assignments

February 9, 2006

By hammersmith

Teachers can create quizzes and assignments for your students with unitedstreaming. Use Quiz Center to develop quizzes based on unitedstreaming videos. Create assignments supported by unitedstreaming content with Assignment Builder. Deliver assignments online and ask your students to complete them online.

unitedstreaming is available to all Arizona teachers as part of their ASSET membership paid for by the Arizona Department of Education. ASSET has partnered with Discovery Education (a department of the Discovery Channel) to provide teachers with access to this exciting, comprehensive, multimedia service.

To learn more about using this feature in your classes, log in to unitedstreaming through the ASSET portal. Navigate to Curricular Resources and then click on the unitedstreaming video link. Select Learning Tools from the top main menu bar and then click on the Assignment Builder icon. You can create your own assignment, view sample assignments, or read the Assignment Builder User’s Guide.