Arizona Bioscience News: Phoenix firm expands to India; Scientists visit Flagstaff classrooms; TGen studies breast cancer recurrence

November 5, 2015

By brianpowell

ProgressEighth-graders unravel mysteries of DNA / Arizona Daily Sun

Scientist in the Classroom is a program in Flagstaff developed by a Sinagua Middle School science teacher in which eighth-graders are visited by a scientist from a particular organization once a month and students receive either one-on-one mentoring or a group visit with a scientist.

Predicting chances of breast cancer recurrence / Arizona Republic

New research by the Translational Genomics Research Institute may lead to a simple blood test to determine the risk of breast cancer returning after successful treatment or of the cancer invading other organs such as the lungs, bone or brain.

Business Report: Building Up Tucson’s Entrepreneurs / Arizona Public Media

Networking and mentorship opportunities are just two of the ways the Tucson community is working to support startups and new business ideas.

How the Arizona Technology Council aids lawmakers with policy guide / Phoenix Business Journal

Arizona Technology Council President and CEO Steve Zylstra writes that one of the group’s most critical tools is the Public Policy Guide, which is filled with positions and principles to aid elected officials at all levels of government in crafting policies that support Arizona’s new and existing technology companies.

Cord blood rapidly changing medicine / Marana News

Save The Cord Foundation, a Tucson based 501c3 nonprofit, provides expectant parents and the public with education and information surrounding the medical benefits of saving cord blood by public donation, private banking, and donation to research.

Phoenix cancer diagnostics firm expects to garner $50M with India expansion / Phoenix Business Journal

Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc. has signed a deal to distribute its early-stage lung cancer test to medical laboratories in India that will perform the test for doctors and their patients.

Theranos suspends micro blood tests to allow FDA review / Arizona Republic

Theranos, a Silicon Valley lab-testing company that has made Arizona its primary market, has put its proprietary micro blood-draw testing on hold for all but one test until federal regulators review the method.

Cancer advancements contribute to Arizona’s robust health care sector / Arizona Capitol Times

The Phoenix area’s hospitals and research facilities are constantly striving for new innovations that lead to improvements in our daily lives, and lately, Arizona is on a roll in that respect, specifically in the area of cancer treatment, writes Jennifer Mellor, vice president of economic development at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.