Arizona Bioscience News: COVID-19 in Arizona; ASU Biodesign researcher developing virus to fight cancer; Banner Innovation Group new SkySong tenant

May 14, 2020

By Matt Ellsworth

As the Arizona stay-at-home order is set to expire, businesses reopen, and testing continues to increase, experts are pointing to the importance of contact tracing to track COVID-19. Maricopa County has been approved to hire more contact tracers, and federal funding could assist in enhancing state-level tracing efforts. Long-term care facilities are reporting an increase in deaths, and the coronavirus has impacted a Flagstaff shelter. And the state’s universities, including Northern Arizona University, are tracking the virus in wastewater to estimate how many people in a community are infected.

As Arizona begins to reopen, where does the state stand on COVID-19 cases and deaths? / Arizona Republic

Maricopa County Public Health hires, trains more contact tracers to track COVID-19 /

Staffing hampers contact tracing effort in some Arizona counties / ABC 15

Experts say contact tracing ‘more important now than ever’ in battling COVID-19 pandemic / 12 News

Weekly update with Dr. Crystal Hepp: Tracking coronavirus in wastewater / KNAU

Breakthrough in efforts by ASU researchers to track COVID-19 through wastewater / Fox 10

Long-term care facilities in Maricopa County report sharp increase in deaths as testing ‘surge’ announced / Arizona Republic

Cars, people stream through COVID-19 testing sites as Arizona blitz continues into 2nd week / Arizona Republic

Is it safe to go out? This stat may give you some clarity / 12 News

Northern Arizona disease model cautions against returning to ‘business as usual’ too soon / KNAU

Eighteen people at Flagstaff shelter test positive for the coronavirus / Arizona Daily Sun

Experts warn antibody tests might show false negatives and positives / 12 News

An ASU researcher is working on a virus that’s harmless to humans, but kills cancer cells / Arizona Republic

An Arizona State University researcher co-founded the company OncoMyx to develop the myxoma virus, which he found to be harmless to humans but kills cancer cells, into a cancer treatment known as virotherapy with plans for clinical trials to begin in about two-and-a-half years.

Cost-effective cancer vaccine offers promise for prevention, treatment / AZ Big Media

Targeting cancer mutations with a vaccine is particularly vexing, as most are unique to each individual. But researchers at the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute may have a solution to these challenges.

Banner Innovation Group becomes a tenant at ASU’s SkySong / State Press

The Banner Innovation Group, which focuses on innovative programs within Banner Health including telehealth and robotic assistive surgery, is a new tenant of Arizona State University’s SkySong in Scottsdale.

Here’s a look at the hottest technology and innovation evolving in Arizona / AZ Big Media (Op-ed)

Steven Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council, writes about the wearable innovation being produced at the WearTech Applied Research Center at Park Central including a host of medtech and fitness devices.

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