ACF and SFAz team up to fund high school math & science teacher internships

May 4, 2007

By hammersmith

The Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) and Science Foundation Arizona (SFAz) are partnering to distribute $150,000 for SFAz’s K-12 Teacher Discovery program.

Up to 150 science and math teachers will work in paid research-based programs throughout the State during summer months and will be designated SFAz teacher scholars. The student focus of the program will broaden the participation of K-12 students in scientific discovery activities, particularly for students from rural Arizona. It can include science summer camps, competitions based on student projects and research experiences, or similar programs that promote student discovery experiences in math, science and/or technology. The purpose of these programs target students and teachers in an effort to stimulate experiences in math, science, and/or technology bringing the excitement of discovery back to the classroom.

Further information about this investment will be made in the coming weeks. For more information about Science Foundation Arizona, click here.