A-Town, a man, a plan, a canal, Panama, nwota

January 10, 2008

By hammersmith

Wow, we love palindromes. There’s somebody on The Internets who has invented one as long as The Merchant of Venice. It doesn’t make sense, but it uses real words, unlike this dumb”nwota” thing.

But where were we?

Oh, right: Dustin Cox (’04)! As UA News tells it, he has successfully worked to create A-Town, a collaboration between UA and Anytown Arizona, Inc. that will bring together students and staff to address important obstacles–racism, homophobia, gender bias, religious descrimination–to forming a more socially just society.

Dustin spent the last year trolling the halls of power to get A-Town off the ground; ultimately, he raised $30K to make sure that participants could attend for free. From Jan. 9-15, about 75 people will attend the inaugural workshop at a top-secret location north of Tucson.