A cantora maior de Bossa Nova em Tucson

October 12, 2007

By hammersmith

We were kicking ourselves for missing all the celebrations of Brazil’s Independence Day back in September, and had reached the point of asking every person we met on the street if they might have a copy of Tristes Tropiques to spare. Then we heard from Theresa (Scionti) Levy (’86). And now we feel much better.

Theresa and producer husband Mike Levy are the talent behind Tucson’s 11:11 Studios. We’re pretty sure Woody Guthrie, Big Joe Williams, and Miles Davis all cut their first records there. Go to Theresa’s section of the site, and you can listen to samples of her singing Bossa Nova–guaranteed to brighten up your cubicle. Or get in touch with Theresa about the private instruction she offers in, well, just about anything.